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Services We Offer

  • Bespoke vehicle remap Manchester developed from your car, for your car.
  • A performance remap Manchester which produces higher bhp and torque with an improvement to mpg.
  • A eco-blue remap produces large improvements to mpg.
  • A pereco remap which is a blend of the 2.
  • A dyno remap on our purpose built, 3000bhp, 4x4, Mustang rolling road. This service is undertaken at our premises in the Midlands.



Performance Blue is a Leader
in Vehicle Remap Manchester

Combined, we have 50 years of professional motor sport experience which culminates in our road car ECU (engine control unit) developments. If you’re looking for a safe increase in the power for your vehicle we can help you achieve this with our remaps.

Remap gains up to 40% increase in BHP

Remap gains up to 40% increase in Torque

As a bi-product of our remaps, your car will improve its fuel efficiency and produce lower CO2 emissions.

Remap gains up to 30% improvement in MPG

Remap reduces CO2 emissions

Our master tuners have now completed over 100,000 bespoke remaps in over 32 countries around the world, and under-gone over 1 million miles of testing giving you total peace of mind that Performance Blue Remaps Manchester provide the best ECU remaps available.

Remap Features and Benefits

  • A Performance Blue Remaps Manchester bespoke ECU remap won’t only increase power, torque and mpg, the remap also reduces the amount of harmful exhaust gases (known as co2) that your vehicle produces, helping our environment.
  • A bespoke remap will improve the drivability of your vehicle. By reducing or removing flat spots in the engine and creating more power lower down the rev range, a vehicle accelerates more progressively with a smoother movement enhancing the driving experience. This we call ‘drive-ability’.
  • By producing more torque lower down the rev range you can drive the vehicle at half the throttle you previously used and achieve the same results.

A Guide to a Vehicle Remap

  1. Firstly we connect our laptop to your vehicles OBD (on-board diagnostics) port using our state of the art technology. The OBD is the port of communication between our cutting edge software and your vehicle ECU and this is where we will read your cars original data from and re-upload your tuned data.
  2. Using the cutting edge technology installed on our laptops we read the data contained within your vehicles ECU. This is the data that makes up your bhp and torque figures. Data such as boost pressure requests and limits (for turbo-charged cars), air flow ratio, spark timing, torque structure alterations, ignition advance, injection timing and quantity, fuel rail pressure and a number of other engine related limiters.
  3. Once we’ve read all of this information we write a bespoke remap based on your car strengths, weaknesses and characteristics. Whilst all cars are supposed to leave the factory the same this isn’t in fact the case and power can vary by huge percentages either way. Furthermore, over time and as mileage increases, with different service standards and components vehicles can dramatically change from their original state of tune. The smallest of increases to each of these pieces of data can make a huge difference.
  4. We then upload the bespoke vehicle remap back to your vehicle, once again using your vehicle OBD port, and there you have a completed remap.